We have team of seasoned trainers for offering knowledge based training to the candidates. Our Urdu Training Services will to assist you in understanding Urdu more efficiently. The courses are selected by the experts that lucidly illustrate different nuances of Urdu language. The training is offered in very friendly manner with active participation of both the trainees and trainers, Grammatical and phonetic aspect of Urdu is also taken into consideration at the time of training. We offer Urdu language training to corporate and Embassies.
Level Offered: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance
Benefits of our Urdu language course

Winsome Translators Urdu language training course will provide you with the ability to:

  • Speak to Urdu speakers with more confidence
  • Manage any trips to an Urdu-speaking region more effectively
  • Demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both a personal and organizational level

Build rapport and strengthen relationships with Urdu-speaking contacts through a show of interest in the Urdu language and culture.

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