Book Translation

Book Translation

At Winsome, Book translation is a specialty. Books are commonly divided into fiction and non-fiction. Fictions are

fictitious stories that are partly or completely untrue, such as novels. Non-fictions provide information and can be in the forms of reference book, dictionary, handbook, manual and textbook, among many others. Only professional translators understand the source language well and are good writers in the target language translating the books without hampering their original creative value of the text and enabling localization as well. Particularly when translating a book that is culturally unique, the translator pays extra attention at preserving each and every aspect of the text.

We offer book translation in such a manner that it is well in accordance with all grammatical, syntactic and idiomatic conventions.


We offer book translation services categorized as follows:

  1. Commercial Books Translation
  2. Economic Books Translation
  3. Financial books Translation
  4. General Books Translation
  5. Legal Books Translation
  6. Literary Books Translation
  7. Medical Books Translation
  8. Technical Books Translation, etc.

We are proficient in all languages like:

  • Asian Languages:
    Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, Persian, Cambodian, etc.
  • European Languages
    French, Russian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Portuguese, Flemish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Pashto/ Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Transcription Services in India, Translation Services in Kolkata   etc.

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